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Postal Life Insurance


Postal Life Insurance (PLI) foundation dates back to British Raj. It was first founded on 1st February 1884, as a scheme to provide benefits to Postal employees. Later its operations were extended as it started to provide insurance policies to the employees of Telegraph Department and female employees of P&T Department in the year 1888 and 1894 respectively.
As for the present date, PLI has further extended its operations and now it offers policies to central and state government departments, for example, Universities, Government aided Educational institutions, Nationalized Banks, Local bodies, officers and staff of the Defense services and Para-Military forces are the few to name.
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Postal Life Insurance Benefits

PLI claims that it offers the lowest premium charged policies as compared to any other insurance companies in India, which yields highest returns. If it’s true then it is, undoubtedly, one of the biggest benefits that PLI offers to its policyholders.
Besides this, PLI, certainly, provide other benefits to its customers, few of which are mentioned below:
·         PLI policyholders can use their policies as a surety bond to obtain the loan by requesting Heads of the Circle/Region on behalf of President of India. Provided the policy is, at least, three and four years old for Endowment Assurance and Whole Life Assurance respectively.
·         The policy of PLI helps the policyholders to obtain the loan from any financial institute.
·         If a policyholder, due to any reason, fails to pay the premium amount which in result lapses the policy, he can restore its policy by paying the unpaid premiums.
·         PLI issues Duplicate Policy Bond if the original is lost or burnt.
·         The last, but not the least, benefit that PLI policyholders can avail is the transfer of Whole Life Assurance to Endowment Assurance or vice versa.
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pli premium calculator maturity


Sum Assured is life cover amount between 30,000 to 50,00,000.
Current Age to be selected between 19 to 55 years.

Policy Type
Sum Assured
Date of Birth
Date of Birth of Spouse
(In case of YS only)
Age of Maturity
Premium Amount

Postal Life Insurance Policies

Following are the six plans that PLI offers:
1.       Whole Life Assurance  (Suraksha)
2.       Convertible Whole Life Assurance (Suvidha)
3.       Endowment Assurance  (Santosh)
4.       Anticipated Endowment Assurance  (Sumangal)
5.       Joint Life Assurance  (YugalSuraksha)
6.       Children Policy(BalJeevanBima)
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Post office Insurance Premium

In order to know how much premium a person is liable to pay for a plan, please see the table below. Data are given with minimum and maximum range. Please note that data are from the Premium Table, dated: 14th July, 2010, released by Postal Life Insurance India.


Policy Type

Age at Entry

Age at Maturity


Anticipated Endowment Assurance
18– 45
15 –20*
25 –35
Convertible Whole Life Assurance
19 –50
50 – 60
7 – 364
Endowment Assurance
23 – 60
9 – 90
Whole Life Assurance
19 – 55
55 – 70
7 – 70
Joint Life Assurance
21 – 46
27 – 60
42 – 193
*Term Years

post office insurance Bonus Status

According to Bonus sheet announced by PLI on 25th April 2012, these are the bonus of the financial year 1st April 2011 – 31st March 2012


Policy Type

Bonus Rate

Anticipated Endowment Assurance
Convertible Whole Life Assurance
Endowment Assurance
Whole Life Assurance
Joint Life Assurance

postal life insurance online premium payment registration

PLI status & Online payment

  1. visit https://pli.indiapost.gov.in/CustomerPortal/PSLogin.jsp
  2. Enter your Policy details and Mobile number than it will generate PLI username i.e customer id.
  3. within 24 hours your PLI User Id and password will be sent registered email address.

PLI Online payment process @ pli.indiapost.gov.in

  1. visit pli.indiapost.gov.in and click on login enter customer Id password.
  2. Click On My (PLI) policy details if you 1 more policies.
  3. After that select pli payment link then choose your policy Enter the Months then proceed to pay.l
  4. PLI payment Amount will show all the All taxes and gateway charges to borrowed by the customer.
  5. Enter credit card details to comple the plilife insurance payment process.


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