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SBI Life Insurance Plans Money back child pension.
SBI Life Insurance is a joint venture between State Bank of India and BNP Paribas Cardiff, wherein, SBI owns 74% of the share capital. The total authorized capital of the company is reported to be INR 2, 000 crores whereas total paid-up capital is INR 1, 000 crores. Well- integrated with technology, SBI Life Insurance launches a website that becomes the first and only multi-lingual life insurance website in the country. The company follows the multi-distribution channel including Bancassurance, Retain Agency, Institutional Alliance and Corporate Solutions distribution channels.

SBI Life Insurance Plans

Insurance Plans
SBI Life Insurance Plans: are categorized into three broad classifications that cover about 40 policies.

Individual Plans

Individual life insurance plans are designed to cater to security needs, education needs, investment needs, pension needs and other social obligations of the insured. A comprehensive cover is provided through the below mentioned individual life insurance plans

1.    SBI Life Unit Linked Plans

ULIPs are long-term investment cum protection plans that offer dual benefit of Life Insurance Cover and Market Linked Returns. Various plans linked to ULIP are enumerated below
                                 I.            SBI Life e-Wealth Insurance- Non-participating Online ULIP plan that offers investment through Automatic Asset Allocation
Premium Min.: INR 1000/ month
                               II.            SBI Life Smart Wealth Builder- market linked plan that offers death benefit and maturity benefit as per the plan was chosen
Premium Min.: INR 30, 000 P.A.
                             III.            SBI Life Smart Wealth Assure
Single premium plan linked to market through Equity and Bond Fund
Premium Min.: INR 50, 000
                             IV.            SBI Life Saral Maha Anand- covers Maturity, Death and Rider benefits under the single plan. Provides multiple fund options to choose from.
Premium Min.: INR 15, 000 P.A.
                               V.            SBI Life Smart Scholar- Market linked plan providing the dual benefit of insurance cover and market returns plus. Accident Death and Permanent & Total Disability Benefit. Policy can be taken by a parent of a child from 0 to 17 yr of age.
                             VI.            SBI Life Smart Elite- Allows you to pay limited term or single premium with the option to change the sum assured.
Limited Premium Min.: INR 1, 50, 000
Single Premium Min.: INR 2, 00, 000
                           VII.            SBI Life Smart Power Insurance

2.    SBI Life Insurance Child Plans

 Insurance Investment designed for child’s educational and future needs.
                                 I.            SBI Life Smart Champ Insurance
                               II.            SBI Life Smart Scholar
3.SBI Life Insurance Plans  Pension Plans
SBI Life Pension Plans are designed to secure future after retirement.
                                I.            SBI Life Saral Pension
                              II.            SBI Life Retire Smart
                            III.            SBI Life Annuity Plus- Non- Participating Online Unit Linked Plan

4.   SBI Life Protection Plans

Protection plans provide for basic life cover with some rider benefits for accidental disability.
                                I.            SBI Life Smart Shield- Term Insurance Plan with special rider benefits for Accidental Death, Disability, and Critical Illness.
                              II.            SBI Life Saral Shield- Term Insurance Plan with special premium discounts for Women
                            III.            SBI Life – eShield- Online Term Insurance Plan
                            IV.            SBI Life Grameen Beema- specially designed to cover life risk for the deprived sections of society at reasonable premium cost. The policy covers Death Benefit and Surrender Benefit, subject to policy terms.
SBI Life Insurance Plans

5.      SBI Life Saving Plans

Saving plans allow the insured to avail benefit of Life Insurance in event of Death and Refund of Premium in the event of survival. 
                                I.            Smart Sawdhan Plus
                              II.            Smart Humsafar- A joint Life Insurance Plan for both Husband and Wife.
                            III.            Smart Money Planner
                            IV.            CSC Saral Sanchay- Variable Insurance Plan can be bought from any authorized Common Service Center.  Provides facility for partial withdrawal
For other Savings Plans visit http://www.sbilife.co.in/sbilife/content/9_8573

SBI Life Insurance Group Plans

 SBI Life Insurance Group Plans are specifically devised to meet the insurance needs of employees of organization/ companies under statutory and other obligations of the employer. Some of the Group Insurance Plans provided by SBI Life are as under.
1.      Corporate Solutions
                          I.            Retirement Solutions
These investment plans help the employer to build a fund to meet the employees’ needs of gratuity, superannuation, pension/ annuity and leave encashment. Further, the plans are available as traditional and unit linked plan.
                        II.            Group Protection Plans
These term insurance plans are designed to secure employees’ families in face of unforeseen or unfortunate incidents. The group protections plans cover different formal and informal groups, such as;
·         Employer-Employee Groups
·         Borrower/ Depositor Groups
·         Professional/ Affinity Groups
               Further, the policy offers the range of riders to provide added benefit for Accidental Death, Disability, Critical illness etc.
2.      Group Loan Protection Products
SBI Life RiNn Raksha Plan is a Group Credit Insurance Plan that helps the family of insured live debt-free. The policy is devised to cover Housing Loans, Car Loans, Agricultural Loans, Educational Loans and Personal Loans. 
For more details: http://www.sbilife.co.in/sbilife/content/10_4270
3.      Group Micro Insurance Plans
Group Micro Insurance Plans are developed to provide life cover to those who avail financing through Micro Financing groups/ NGOs or Grameen banks. The purpose is to provide maximum benefit at the lowest premium.
                          I.            SBI Life Grameen Shakti
                        II.            SBI Life Grameen Super Suraksha

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