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How To Get Lic Policy Online Without Agent

I can update here if you want lic policy through agent you need to pay 35%commission to him

Insurance policy advisor online lic

lic insurance buy online  it’s just a contact form for calling an agent

Insurance premium calculator online lic

lic insurance plan advisor online

Grace period in lic policy
The premium payment within 30 days will be the grace period. if not paid within the grace period
The policy will lapse.
Insurance revival
A lapsed policy can be revived within a period of 2 consecutive years from the date of first unpaid premium and before the date of maturity
surrender Value
The policy can surrender for cash provided at least three full years’ premiums have been paid
discontinuing insurance plans
Paid-up Value:
If at least three full years’ premiums have been paid and any subsequent premiums be not duly paid, this policy shall not be wholly void, but shall continue as a paid-up policy
Cooling off period
you can cancel Lic policy within 15 days Only

Lic Insurance Plan Adviser Lic Plan Suggest Online

About Lic India

Lic India formed by Government Of India. before Independence.

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