One Day Car Insurance (temporary car insurance)

One Day Car Insurance

This seems very confusing that why one would buy one day or temporary car insurance, what are the advantages of it and how to works? It could come handy if you are not driving your car and has borrowed a car for one two days from a relative of yours, a friend, and a colleague or a neighbor. So it is, let’s say your car is in a garage and you borrowed a car from one of your acquaintances, to protect it from any misshapes then you can use temporary car insurance for many days for that particular car. You can use temporary car insurance even if the car is already insured with a long term motor insurance plan. One thing more, you will need the permission of the car owner to get temporary car insurance.
One Day Car Insurance
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Temporary care insurance can be used in various situations; here we will discuss the few:
·         When you have borrowed a car for few days from one of your acquaintances.
·         You are new in driving
·         You use one of your cars very rarely.
·         You lend your car to your friend or a relative.
·         Your son or daughter is going to use your car for a couple of days.
·         You have just bought your car and driving it to home.

Benefits and Coverage of One Day Car Insurance

·         Fully comprehensive cover for cars from1 day up to 28 days.
·         It saves your No Claim Bonus.
·         Legal liability for death or injury to any other person.     
·         Legal liability for damage to other people’s property.     
·         Loss or damage by fire, theft or vandalism.         
·         Damage to the insured vehicle in the event of an accident.         
·         New Car Replacement.
·         Accident recovery and approved repair service.
Benefits and coverage of temporary car insurance can differ from companies to corporations and plans to plans.


So you have borrowed your friend’s car for a couple of days, you want to use temporary car insurance for the car for that specified period then you’ll need the following information to get the insurance from any insurance company which provides such products.
·         Details about yourself including your name and address.
·         Your license and driving history.
·         Details of the car you’d like to insure.
·         The date and time you’d like the cover to begin and end.

Temporary Car Insurance in India

Presently there is not any Indian insurance company which offers temporary car insurance to the Indian public. It would be a plus point for any insurance company operating in India to provide this product to the general public of India.


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